The Wheelman


The Wheelman


My second project at Midway was working as a mission designer on The Wheelman.  There were a number of designers who came off of working on Stranglehold and ended up helping the Newcastle, UK office with completing the game.  We were sent to the UK for a couple of weeks to learn what they were doing, and worked remotely in Chicago for the rest of the project.

Job responsibilities:

I was tasked with working on two missions for the game.  Most of what I did was make sure spawn and way points worked properly in each mission, and that the proper order occurred to progress the story.


I worked on Mission 13: Green Cross Code and Mission16: To Follow a Wheelman , using Kismet and Unreal 3.  It was also my first time working with a split development team (five designers in Chicago working remotely with the main development team in Newcastle, UK).  Also it was my first project using SCRUMS.

Videos and Links:

“Green Cross Code”

“To Follow a Wheelman”