My name is Egan Hirvela.  I’ve been a video game designer since 1995.  I specialize in level design and 3D geometry creation, but I’m also versed in scripting, gameplay & systems design, and document writing.  I’m skilled with many design tools, and I pick up new tools very quickly.  I’ve worked on a wide variety of different types of games over the course of my career.  I’m versatile, collaborative and I enjoy working with teams to make engaging and fun games!

Some of the tools I’m familiar with include: Maya, 3DS MAX, Unreal 4, Unity, and a host of proprietary level layout tools. I also know how to script in LUA, Kismet, Visual C++, and many other scripting languages.

Please feel free to check out my work under Gameography. Thanks for taking the time to visit my site.