Originally, Midway hired me to work on an open world part of another game, but that feature was canceled just before I arrived in Chicago.  Instead, I ended up on the Stranglehold team to work as a level designer.

Job responsibilities:

Initially, I created prototype levels using Unreal 2K4, and using a modification of an in-house tool.  Later on, as we received code drops from Epic, I switched over full time to using Unreal 3 to create my levels.  I also learned Kismet for all of my scripting needs.  Additionally, I was responsible for writing numerous design docs for the project.  Last, I aided in the training of five junior designers who came on board to help us finish the game.


I worked on the maps for all of the Chicago levels, notably the Museum level.  I also scripted the Chicago penthouse boss fight.  Last, I also created a couple of the PvP maps that were used in the game.

Videos and Links:

Chicago – Night at the Museum

Chicago – Vlad Boss Fight