Raven Blade (working title) (canceled)

Raven Blade concept sketch


During my time at Retro Studios, I worked as a game designer on the ill-fated Raven Blade for the GameCube.  The project was canceled shorty after I got there, since the studio decided to focus all of their attention on Metroid Prime.

Job responsibilities:

I was brought in to work with the design team to help bring the game into production (it had been in pre-production for a number of years before I got there).  Numerous design documents had been written, but very little of what was created could be shown on the development kit.  I helped to create playable systems that could be implemented in the tool we were building, leading up to the producing a playable proto-type.  I also helped in building 3D levels for testing purposes.


In addition to the work I mentioned above, I also helped out by paring down the existing design to something that was feasible and could actually run on the GameCube.

 Videos and Links:

Raven Blade combat