Race of the Decades



I did a short two week contract for TreSensa, working on this game as part of an advertising campaign for Valvoline.  I worked from home using TreSensa’s proprietary scripting tool and game engine.

Job Responsibilities:

Using their scripting tool, I created waves of cars to be avoided and strings/patterns of collectibles for each of the four levels in the game.  Mostly this was done in text format (Notepad ++), but the iteration time was quite quick between edits.


Since I was also working on Call of Duty: Black Ops III at the same time, I worked on this title at night when I got home and on the weekends.  I picked up the scripting language quickly, and was generating contact in about a day or so.

Videos and Links:

This game can be played on the PC, but also on mobile devices that use the accelerometer.