During my second run at 3DO I worked on the motorcycle combat game, Jacked.  I built and scripted three race tracks while I was there and before the company went bankrupt.

Job responsibilities:

I started off drafting out my race tracks on paper.  Next, I lofted splines in 3DS MAX to create the main path for each track.  I continued to add props, textures and lights while also adding in the scripting needed to bring the courses to life.  I also gave some direction to the environment artists we worked with, so they could really add polish to the maps.  The main track I worked on was the Mayan Ruins map.


Unfortunately, the company went under just before we were able to fully finish the game.  It eventually got picked up by another publisher, who did release it.

Videos and Links:

Mayan Ruins

Mayan Ruins
















Gameplay Video