Call of Duty: Black Ops III



I was brought on as a contract level designer to work on porting the PS4/XBox One levels of CoD 12 from Treyarch to the PS3 and XBox 360.  My goals were to help make the maps fit on the last gen platforms in terms of memory, while still retaining the game play and experiences of the source material.  My contract ended early after Activision cut the campaign maps from the PS3/XBox 360 version of the game.

Job Responsibilities:

I was responsible for map splitting the larger source maps, as well as scripting and other designer related jobs.  Additionally, I worked on several other methods of optimization foe the maps I worked on (poly and bone reductions, enemy AI count reduction, zone management, portaling, etc).


For the majority of our work on the project, I was the only designer there at Mercenary Technology.  I spent a good amount of time delving into and understanding Treyarchs maps and scripts, so that we could better accomplish our goals of porting the game to the last gen consoles.  Last, I acted as a mentor to the new designers we have recently been brought on board.

Videos and Links:

Here is the “tease” video clip:

Here is some E3 gameplay footage (taken from the PS4):

And here is the main mission I worked on for the PS3 that never shipped (this clip is from the PS4 version):