007: Everything or Nothing

007: Everything or Nothing


The first project I worked on at EA.  I was brought on as a level designer for this project, focusing on one primary level but ended up working on several more throughout the project.

Job responsibilities:

I was responsible for the creation of the Red Underground level in the game.  I more or less ran with the creation of that level, having only been given a small blurb about it in the GDD.  I drafted out the map on paper, prototyped several white boxes of it in Radiant, scripted it, and did an initial texture pass.  Once that level was done, I worked to help out on several other areas in other levels in the game (optimizing and bug fixing, mostly).


We completed Everything or Nothing on time, and we had a good chunk of time after to really polish the game and help to bring it over the top.  Of all of the games I’ve worked on, I’m most happy with how this game came out.

 Videos and Links:

Red Underground